Sunday, November 29, 2009

Do The Math: 'Feathers' by Late Composer Hale Smith 'glows with alien splendor.'

[“Music of Hale Smith”; CRI 860 (2000)]

Do The Math
Hale Smith (1925-2009)
“The NY Times obit doesn't mention Hale Smith's most significant work for jazz musicians, 'Feathers,' recorded in 1960 on Eric Dolphy's Out There with Ron Carter, cello, George Duvivier, bass, and Roy Haynes, drums.” “'Feathers' seems to me to be one of the finest 'Third Stream' works of the era.” “It's a shame that Smith didn't write more music like this (that has been recorded, anyway). The CRI anthology, while excellent, is conventional in comparison. Nothing else has ever sounded like 'Feathers,' which glows with alien splendor.”

The Works List at, by Professor Dominique-René de Lerma, has this entry:
"Feathers, for jazz quartet. LP: Eric Dolphy, alto saxophone; Ron Carter, cello; George Duvivier, double bass; Roy Haynes, drums New Jazz NJLP-8252 & Prestige PR-7652 & Prestige 24008 & Prestige tapes M82408DP & M52408DR & Esquire 32-153 & Xtra 5054 (1960)."

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Alan Saul said...

This is a wonderful composition. I just thought I'd note that Hale Smith told me the title was Feather. He wrote it for the Chico Hamilton Quintet.