Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chamber Players of Los Angeles Perform Alvin Singleton's 'Intezar'

[Alvin Singleton]

AfriClassical has received this news from John Malveaux of Long Beach, California:

“John Malveaux attended the Chamber Players of Los Angeles concert Saturday, November 14, 2009 at The Lutheran Church of the Master in Los Angeles. The concert opened with Alvin Singleton's 'INTEZAR' (viola, cello, double bass). Long sustained notes and the expectation of movement defines the composition. 'Intezar' is Arabic for 'expectation.'”

The works list at says “INTEZAR” is a 1994 work which is 19 minutes long, was commissioned by Goethe-Institut Atlanta and was premiered by “Trio Basso” of Cologne, Germany.

Comment by email
Dear Bill, Thanks for forwarding this to me. I am always happy to hear about performances of my music. INTEZAR means "waiting" in the Urdu language of India and Pakistan. I did not know that the word existed in Arabic too. All best wishes, Alvin Singleton

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