Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fred Onovwerosuoke 'On Stage at Powell: Music by African, Haitian and Jewish Composers' Oct. 14

[Fred Onovwerosuoke, Ph.D.]

Dr. Fred Onovwerosuoke has been a close associate of AfriClassical for several years. He sends this message on an upcoming program, “On Stage at Powell”:

If you're in the St Louis area on October 14, please plan to attend the following FREE event. Your presence will be greatly appreciated, for one, it gives a major orchestra like the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra the fodder to program other "emerging composers" like Perrault and myself.”

Wed, October 14 at 7pm
On Stage at Powell: Music by African, Haitian and Jewish Composers
Silvian Iticovici, violin
Lisa Chong, violin
Shawn Weil, violin
Leonid Gotman, viola
Alvin McCall, cello
Seth Carlin, piano
Fred Onovwerosuoke, composer
With an Introduction by Amy Kaiser
Powell Symphony Hall
718 N. Grand Boulevard
St Louis, MO 63103 :
“Composer Fred Onovwerosuoke’s diverse background has given rise to a varied compositional style. Born in Ghana to Nigerian parents, Onovwerosuoke grew up in both countries and eventually naturalized in the United States. 'FredO', as friends call him, has traveled in more than thirty African countries doing field work and analyzing some of Africa’s abundant music traditions. 'I see hidden across Africa a gold-mine of unlimited musical scales and modes, melodic and harmonic traditions, and, yes, rhythms - abundant yet largely untapped,' says Onovwerosuoke of his dominant influences, and also maintains that 'my compositions are informed by my travels around the world, and each piece is harnessed and nurtured by an African sensibility that is unmistakable and genuine.' FredO has also traveled extensively in the American Deep South, the Caribbean and South America for comparative research in what he likes to call 'traceable musical Africanisms.'" :
“A non-profit parent organization for African Chorus, African Music Publishers and the New Horizons Orchestra.”

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