Saturday, October 3, 2009

African Musical Arts, Inc.: Winneba Youth Choir of Ghana Tours U.S. Oct. 7 – Nov. 4, 2009

[Winneba Youth Choir of Ghana; John Arthur-Francis Yemoah, Musical Director]

Dr. Fred Onovwerosuoke of African Musical Arts, Inc. of St. Louis sends us word of the WINNEBA YOUTH CHOIR OF GHANA on its
Songs of Africa Tour in the U.S. from October 7 to November 4, 2009:

“Perhaps few youth choirs from Africa or elsewhere can demonstrate the diverse artistry for which the Winneba Youth Choir of Ghana is now famed. With voices evenly balanced between boys and girls, the approach with ease a wide-ranging repertoire – from complex choral harmonies to folk, American Spirituals and Gospel, yet remain true to their unique niche of African song and dance traditions. Though from Ghana, the choir proudly bears a banner for all of Africa, and thus showcases selections from around the continent.” “As Musical Director, John Arthur-Francis Yemoah is well known and respected in choral circles in Ghana and the United States.”

Oct 8-9: Orientation in St Louis, MO

Oct 10: Recording session with St Louis New Horizon Orchestra (NHSO)

Oct 11: Pilgrim Congregation Church, UCC, St Louis, MO (and Recording Session with NHSO)

Oct 11: Recording session with St Louis New Horizon Orchestra (NHSO)

Oct 12: Concerts, Workshops, and cultural exchange events in metro St Louis schools

Oct 12: Joint Workshop with St Louis Children's Choirs

Oct 14: Concert, City of Life Christian Church, University City, MO

Oct 15: E. Desmond Lee Partnership Workshops for St Louis Schools (Day)

Oct 15: Evening Concert, Bentley Hall, University of Missouri, St Louis, MO
(Joint concert with the Songs of Africa Ensemble!)

Oct 16: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Oct 19: Fairfield, Iowa

Oct 24: Rockport, ME

Oct 28: Boston, MA

Nov 1: New York, NY

Nov 2: Washington, DC

Nov 4: Seoul, South Korea

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