Monday, January 12, 2009

Part II. Black History & Classical Music Quiz Based on Biographies at

[Eleanor Alberga]

Part II. Black History & Classical Music 
Assignment or Quiz Based on Biographies at
Introduction: People of African descent have helped make Classical Music what it is today.
1 First African American Winner of Pulitzer Prize for Music 
2 Fled racism in New Orleans and conducted in France for 27 years
3 South African composer of My Country
4 Conducts diverse orchestra, the Chicago Sinfonietta
5 Jamaican composer of contemporary concert music
6 First African American woman whose symphony was performed by a major orchestra
7 Nigerian composer of orchestral music
8 A leading classical guitarist of our time
9 Published Jubilee Songs of the United States of America
10 Composer of Epitaph for a Man who Dreamed
11 Co-author of the The Charleston, which became a hugely popular dance
12 South African who composed the Zulu epic Ushaka
13 A leading composer of Puerto Rican danzas 
14 Pianist who first saw his instrument at age 16 
15 Father of Modern Nigerian Art Music 
16 His opera Guinevere has been sung in the U.S. and Europe 
17 Piano soloist who is also a member of a piano duo 
18 His score for the film In the Company of Fear won a Leo Award in Canada 

__Akpabot, Samuel Ekpe (1932-2000)
__Alberga, Eleanor (b. 1949) 
__Brouwer, Leo (b. 1939) 
__Burleigh, Henry T. (1866-1949)
__Chapman Nyaho, William (b. 1958)
__Dede, Edmond (1827-1903)
__Freeman, Paul (b. 1936)
__Hailstork, Adolphus C. (b. 1941)
__Johnson, James P. (1894-1955)
__Khumalo, J.S. Mzilikazi (b. 1932)
__Machado, Celso (b. 1953)
__Moerane, Michael Mosoeu (1909-1981)
__Morel Campos, Juan (1857-1896)
__Price, Florence B. (1887-1953)
__Sowande, Fela (1905-1987)
__Walker, George (b. 1922)
__Williams, Julius P. (b. 1954)
__Yifrashewa, Girma (b. 1967)

ANSWERS: Alberga, Eleanor 5; Akpabot, Samuel Ekpe 7; Brouwer, Leo 8; Burleigh, Henry T. 9; Chapman Nyaho, William 17; Dede, Edmond 2; Freeman, Paul 4; Hailstork, Adolphus C. 10; Johnson, James P. 11; Khumalo, J.S. Mzilikazi 12; Machado, Celso 18; Moerane, Michael Mosoeu 3; Morel Campos, Juan 13; Price, Florence B. 6; Sowande, Fela 15; Walker, George 1; Williams, Julius P. 16; Yifrashewa, Girma 14.

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