Monday, January 19, 2009, Online Reference Guide to African American History, Adds Barack Obama Page

Dr. Quintard Taylor is Professor of American History at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is also Founder and Website Director of, a nonprofit organization staffed by numerous academics who volunteer their services. This collection of resources is useful to teachers and students throughout the school year, but has particular relevance to the observance of Black History Month. Several entries were written by us, including Black Composers and Musicians in Classical Music History.  Prof. Taylor sends this news today: “I wanted you to know that ( has just established a Barack Obama Page which brings together in one central location all links to information on (and off) the website related to our new President. Click the Barack Obama Page button in the upper left corner of the opening page for access to the Barack Obama Page.”

Here is an excerpt from the website: “, an online reference center, makes available a wealth of materials on African American history in one central location on the Internet. These materials include an online encyclopedia of over 1,500 entries, the complete transcript of over 125 speeches given between 1789 and 2008, over 100 full text primary documents, bibliographies, timelines and four gateway pages with links to 50 digital archive collections. Additionally 75 major African American museums and research centers and over 400 other website resources on black history are also linked to the website.” 

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