Monday, January 12, 2009

CBC Radio 2 Blog: 'The blog Africlassical makes note' of Nathaniel Dett Chorale at Inauguration

CBC Radio 2 Blog
Posted by Li Robbins on Jan-11-09 at 06:00 PM 
As the week at Radio 2 has been focussed on Obama's Playlist, it seems appropriate to start off this week's roundup with the news that Canada's Nathaniel Dett Chorale will be performing at two Obama-inauguration related events in Washington D.C. -- singing at the Smithsonian on Martin Luther King Day (Jan. 19) and at a party at the Canadian Embassy on Jan. 20th. Kudos! The blog Africlassical makes note of this good news, and Good Deed A Day ends a post with a video of the group in performance with Jackie Richardson.  It's pretty great.  [R. Nathaniel Dett is profiled at]

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