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Part I. Black History & Classical Music Quiz Based on Biographies at

[Margaret Allison Bonds, African American Composer and Pianist]

Part I. Black History & Classical Music
Assignment or Quiz Based on Biographies at
Introduction: Black History is part of the common record of humanity. It proves that people of African descent have been part of Classical Music since at least the 16th Century.

Write the number of each question next to the name of a composer or musician in the list
1 Composer of the Afro-American Symphony
2 Black trumpeter for King Henry VIII
3 The King of Ragtime
4 Blind slave was a musical genius
5 Best fencer in France
6 Britain's first Black voter
7 Classical guitarist who helped the Underground Railroad
8 Composer and pianist born in Canada
9 Haitian pianist nicknamed "A Black Chopin"
10 Led first African American musicians to visit Europe
11 Her work Troubled Water is based on a spiritual
12 Composer of Negro Folk Symphony
13 His Cotton Club Orchestra was on national radio, but only White people could attend its shows
14 Composer of Brazil's first opera
15 Music Director for the President of Haiti

16 Believed to be the first Black composer to make a recording
17 Conductor who received National Medal of Arts in 2005

__Blanke, John (16th Century)
__Bonds, Margaret Allison (1913-1972)
__Dawson, William Levi (1899-1990)
__DePreist, James (b. 1936)
__Dett, R. Nathaniel (1882-1943)
__Ellington, Edward Kennedy “Duke” (1899-1974)
__Garcia, José Mauricio Nunes (1767-1830)
__Holland, Justin (1819-1887)
__Jeanty, Occide (1860-1936)
__Johnson, Francis B. (1792-1844)
__Joplin, Scott (1868-1917)
__Lambert, Lucien-Leon, Jr. (1858-1945)
__Lamothe, Ludovic (1882-1953)
__Saint-Georges, Le Chevalier de (1745-1799)
__Sancho, Ignatius (1729-1780)
__Still, William Grant (1895-1978)
__Wiggins, Thomas "Blind Tom" (1849-1908)

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