Thursday, June 29, 2017

Lolita Files exposes new truths in "Once Upon A Time in Compton" (Brown Girls Books)

Lolita Files

With fans including Kanye West who secured the rights to her lauded best-selling book Child of God, Lolita Files exposes new truths in Once Upon A Time in Compton (Brown Girls Books). Lolita's research has spanned over four years - and is a firsthand glimpse into a world during an era many have heard about in song and legend, but have rarely had the opportunity to witness at ground level, from the inside out, through the eyes of two men who witnessed and experienced it all.
Full of revelations never shared, Once Upon a Time in Compton reveals the good, the bad and the underside of life in Compton. For twenty years, gang unit detectives Tim Brennan and Robert Ladd patrolled the streets of Compton. They witnessed the birth and rise of gangsta rap with acts they knew personally, such as  N.W.A and D.J. Quik; dealt firsthand with the chaos of the L.A. riots, its aftermath, and the gang truce that followed; were involved in the investigations of the murders of hip-hop stars Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G., and were major players in an all-out tug-of-war with City Hall that ultimately resulted in the permanent shut-down of the Compton Police Department. Through it all, they developed an intricate knowledge of gangs and the streets and a methodology that has been implemented by local law enforcement agencies across the country. Lolita discloses their compassionate and fair approach to community policing earned them the respect of citizens and gangbangers alike. 
In A&E's upcoming six-part docuseries "Who Killed Tupac?" Lolita focuses on the investigation 20 years after the death of the prolific rapper and actor. Each installment includes aspects from the legendary artist's life as well as follow civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump as he conducts an investigation into key theories behind his 1996 killing and lack of due process, while seeking to show how it is relevant to what is happening in the social justice movement in America today. Key interviews include Tupac's brother Mopreme Shakur, his childhood friend E.D.I. Mean as well as Al Sharpton, Christopher Darden, members of his group Outlawz and more.

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