Friday, April 2, 2021 Now Streaming to April 17: Anthony R. Green: "To Anacreon in the US"; Beethoven Piano Trio No. 3 and Ravel, on USUO Series; Tickets $10

Anthony R. Green


As we come to the end of Beethoven’s 250th anniversary celebration we present his calling card to the world. The then teen sensation made his splash on the scene with the Piano Trio in C Minor – his premier opus.

To Anacreon in the US takes the American national anthem (which is originally a formal British drinking song entitled To Anacreon in Heaven), and applies a Debussy-like treatment. Composer Anthony Green uses permutations, elongations, counterpoint, ostinati, displacement, and other gestures that all stem from the melody to The Star-Spangled Banner. The composer, in the performance notes, compels the performer: “As always, HAVE BIG FUN!!!”

While on tour in England in 1922, Ravel met the Hungarian violinist Jelly d’Arányi. She played the violin part in a private performance of his Sonata for Violin and Cello, and afterwards the composer asked her to play some gypsy tunes. She obliged, again and again, until early the next morning. It took almost two years, but from this meeting came Tzigane.

Beethoven was determined to impress and challenge the Viennese musical elite with his first published opus. The Op 1 trios were more like a symphony for three instruments than the more traditional trios of Mozart and Haydn.

Estimated concert length: 45 minutes.


Pay what you wish - minimum $10

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