Saturday, October 3, 2020

The DVD "The Caged Bird: The life and music of Florence B. Price" includes the "Andante moderato" from Price's "String Quartet in G Major"

The Caged Bird:
The Life and music of Florence B. Price

Includes Six Bonus Features:
Complete performances of newly discovered songs and chamber music by Florence B. Price

Producer -James Greeson

Time 56:38

On October 2, 2020 we published a post from which included a video featuring the "Andante moderato" from Florence Price's "String Quartet in G Major" and describing the composition as an "unrecorded gem."

Professor Emeritus James Greeson of the University of Arkansas writes of the "Andante moderato":

"Thanks for sharing this link, I think it is a lovely piece of music.  I used a performance of it that we premiered at the U of Arkansas in 2015 as the last segment and final credits music in my documentary."

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