Sunday, October 4, 2020

Classics of Ebony: "Black Pianists of Classical Music Born between 1838-1933" by Nevilla E. Ottley

Black Pianists of Classical Music Born Between 1838 & 1933
by Nevilla E. Ottley
Classics of Ebony

Nevilla E. Ottley writes:

This year, I put the finishing touches on my new book Black Pianists of Classical Music Born between 1838-1933. This exciting story book for all ages tells the childhood stories of 10 Black girls and 12 Black boys who grew up to be famous concert pianists of classical music of various styles, including European, ragtime, and jazz. Thirteen of them became famous composers. 

These children were born to regular families in America, Canada, the Caribbean, Nigeria, and England. They lived and performed as children, teens, and adults in those countries and also in France, Germany, Brazil, Liberia, and Australia. They were national award winners, with some receiving as many as 10 awards. and many were awarded honorary doctorates by Ivy League universities. Several played for American presidents, the queen of England, and the president of Liberia, and one received an American presidential award. 

Even though written in story style simple enough to be read to small children, this book is appropriate for middle and high school students, and is complete with a discography and internet links to performances of either the pianists themselves or renditions of their music played by other pianists. There are many illustrations (some can be colored by younger children), a bibliography, and an index of references for students and teachers.  
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