Saturday, March 2, 2019 Eleanor Alberga's "It's Time" performed at King's Place in U.K.

Pianist Joanna Macgregor performed Eleanor Alberga's It's Time: 

Eleanor Alberga (pictured above) has often worked with dance troupes. That grounding in the ever-shifting drama of rhythm and movement never feels far away in It’s Time – inspired by a poem by Pushkin. Repeated bass figures conjure an immersive, enveloping mood of anticipation, even threat. If the hypnotic and drone-like rumbles and snarls low down hint at some variety of minimalism, ethereal, bell-like harmonies above sometimes conjure the soundscapes of Debussy or even Messiaen. MacGregor gave a thoroughly convincing account of a piece that balanced those thumping, earthbound repetitions in the left hand against more unworldly excursions in the upper registers.

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