Friday, March 8, 2019

Minority Business Development Agency InVision Tour

MBDA Invision Tour

Which side are you on: industrialist or innovator?

You’re an industrialist if:
You identify as an entrepreneur, small business owner, investor, partner, co-op, LLC, or thrill seeker looking for innovations to launch. 
As an industrialist, you need human capital, facilities, legal advice, financial support, and a federal lab to bring your innovation to life.

You’re an innovator if:
You identify as a grass roots inventor, agriculturalist, chemist, engineer, manufacturer, professor, administrator, scientist, energy technologist, or IT professional who’s ready to take your idea to the next level.
As an innovator, you need a smart idea, patent attorneys, a university or federal lab, and R&D consulting to bring your innovation to the marketplace.

Technology Transfer helps you turn your ideas into innovations and your innovations into commercial success. 

Think: changing the world and building long-term wealth! 

The MBDA’s InVision Tour informs minority innovators and industrialists on how to use tech transfer to access federal R&D funding, lab facilities, and expertise to develop new products and technologies.

Learn more and join 200+ innovators and industrialists! Register for the conference, coming to Houston this month: March 21-22 @ the TMC Innovation Center.

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