Sunday, March 10, 2019

Sandra Seaton: "Black Opera: History, Power, Engagement" by Dr. Naomi André

Black Opera: History, Power, Engagement
Dr. Naomi André
University of Illinois Press

Sandra Seaton writes:

I'm writing to pass along information about a new book by University of Michigan professor Dr. Naomi Andre:

Black Opera: History, Power, Engagement, University of Illinois Press.  

Here's the Amazon link with quote from publisher:

From classic films like Carmen Jones to contemporary works like The Diary of Sally Hemings and U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, American and South African artists and composers have used opera to reclaim black people's place in history. Naomi André draws on the experiences of performers and audiences to explore this music's resonance with today's listeners. Interacting with creators and performers, as well as with the works themselves, André reveals how black opera unearths suppressed truths

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