Thursday, September 6, 2018

Janise White: AACMSO Performs LYRIC FOR STRINGS on NewMusicBox

George Walker (1922-2018)

Prof. Janise White writes:

George Walker: Concise and Precise | NewMusicBox


Thank God for you, Dr. Walker and your beautiful complex music which inspired young composers to aspire for greatness!
AACMSO is proud to be featured as a symphony orchestra performing the work by Pulitzer Prizer Winner, George Walker.  In this short clip, AACMSO is performing "Lyric for Strings."  He was aware of our commitment to performing his works in future concerts.  In 2019, AACMSO will give a Southern California premiere of Sinfonia No. 5.

Please watch Video 1 for the AACMSO.

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Kind Regards,
Janise White, Prof Emeritus & Director

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