Thursday, June 21, 2018 National Alliance Pushes For Diversity In American Orchestras

The National Alliance for Audition Support brought together classical string musicians for a workshop in Miami Beach.
Siggi Bachmann / New World Symphony [WLRN]

Samuel Thompson writes:

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I trust that the summer is going smoothly now that festival season is in full swing.

The last few months have been quite full and exciting, and I am pleased to share this interview which took place during the National Alliance for Audition Support Audition Intensive.   Held at the New World Center in Miami Beach, the National Alliance for Audition Support is a partnership involving the New World Symphony, League of American Orchestras, and Sphinx Organization.

More information on the National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS) can be found here:

"The National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS) is an unprecedented national initiative to increase diversity in American orchestras. It will do so by offering Black and Latinx musicians a customized combination of mentoring, audition preparation, financial support, and audition previews. The NAAS is made up of The Sphinx Organization, the lead program and fiscal administrator for the Alliance; the New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy; and the League of American Orchestras, representing 700 orchestras. A group of Black and Latinx professional musicians will be thought leaders, guides, and advisors for the Alliance. The NAAS is supported by a four-year grant of $1.8M from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as well as contributions from orchestras across the U.S."

WLRN-Miami Public Radio Interview:

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