Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime): CutTime® with Dayton Philharmonic June 17 at 2 PM


CutTime Bulletin
- CutTime with Dayton Philharmonic
- Draylen Mason Tribute Photos

June 12, 2018

Dear Friends,       
I'm excited to be working this weekend with the Dayton Philharmonic to raise the bar for their new casual classical series, EDGE. Not only will I play and lead a free 75-minute program of CutTime Simfonica standards at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center (10 miles north of Dayton, picture below), but I'll also lead a short seminar for interested Philharmonic musicians, board and staff members and local music educators. I'll cover who I am plus why and how I developed CutTime ensembles, music, methods and ideology that can engage wider communities and also develop new audience for them. We'll also have a writing exercise developing more effective ways to communicate our art.

In other news, the Draylen Mason Tribute Concert at the Jam Handy Building was indeed deeply moving. I have rarely played so emotionally in my career. Cellist Joshua McClendon was particularly incredible and I expect to have some video clips on YouTube and Facebook soon. Meanwhile, here are a few photos. We hope to repeat this program nationally with support.

Here is a PDF of the program. Please visit our Draylen Mason Tribute PAGE at the website and consider supporting our artistic and charitable work with referrals, recommendations and critical donations. Together, we can make excellence matter in new ways.


- Rick Robinson (Mr. CutTime)

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