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Sinfo-Nia Youth Orchestra's 2018 Summer Camp Concert

David E. Robinson III writes:

Greetings Family, Friends, and Colleagues,

I hope that you and your family are enjoying your summer so far including getting some rest.  The Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia is having an awesome camp this year.  We have so many talented students especially new ones that have joined us.  Summer is not a time to take off from learning and playing beautiful music.  In fact, it is a time to get some intensive training to become more proficient musicians.  A student can move from one level to another or move up in his/her section.  These skills can also carry over into one's school orchestra program; that includes leadership training.  

Sinfo-Nia's Summer Academy Concert will take place this Thursday, June 21, 2018, 6:30 PM at the First Congregational Church Commons located at 125 Ellis St., Atlanta, GA 30303.  Tickets are $15.00 for an adult and $10.00 for a child.  Please come listen to the classic soulful summer sounds of Sinfo-Nia.

As you might have heard, Sinfo-Nia will not be taking another trip to Jamaica this summer after camp.  First, we did not have enough students wanting to go.  Second, we didn't raise enough funds.  We will look into other international trips in the future.  Sinfo-Nia is one of a few that travel to the Diaspora.  We are looking at Jamaica again, some of the other Caribbean nations, and the Motherland Africa again in about ten years.

Looking ahead to our 2018-19 School-Year, it will begin with our Open House on Saturday, September 8, 2018, 9 AM to 12 Noon also at the First Congregational Church Commons.  An orchestra student may come with his/her instrument (violin, viola, cello, or double bass) and sit in with the Orchestra before deciding whether or not to enroll him/her for the school-year.  We accept band students on the advanced level only.  Sinfo-Nia continues to offer quality instruction in an exciting, motivational, nurturing environment.  Last school-year Sinfo-Nia performed for a number of occasions throughout our communities, for various occasions, and in the presence of a number of celebrities.  We have the support of longtime radio personality, "Casual Cal."  Some of you may remember him on WAOK and WIGO years ago.  He was also the announcer of the world's famous Universoul Circus.  He is about to launch a series of talent shows where contestants could possibly win prizes.  There will be certain dates when string players can take part as contestants.  He will have a  process (a preliminary) for official registration.  There is even talk in turning it into a tour show.   

Our classes/rehearsals during the school-year take place Monday evenings 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM and Saturday mornings 9 AM to 12 Noon.  We offer instruction on the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels for string students ages seven to 18.  College students and high school graduates are also welcomed.  The majority of our students make both Mondays and Saturdays.  They are the ones that get the furthest in their musical training.  We do have some students that can only make Mondays or Saturdays, or a mixture of both.  We accept them as well.  We continue to prepare students for auditions to earn college scholarships and even other music programs.  We have had students in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Talent Development Program.  Some have been a part of Allstate, the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra, Dekalb Youth Symphony, and other honor orchestra programs.  

We are looking to take our program to new heights as we have some original hip-hop music to record.  Some of it will be radio and television "bumper" music.  We have already been asked to do some "theme songs" for some occasions and media.  Our students can become the superstars they already are.  

You may have friends, family, co-workers, co-worshipper, etc. that have children that play musical instruments.  Please ask them to encourage their children to encourage their orchestra (and band) classmates to attend our Open House and to join us.  Also, (when the school-year begins) ask him/her to ask the orchestra teacher to spread the word to the class.   I attached our fliers for the Concert and Open House.  I also attached a double flier (on pdf) of our "paper" copy of the School-Year/Open House so that the teacher can make copies without using so much ink.  You may do the same to pass out to friends, relatives, co-workers, co-worshippers as well as post on bulletin boards on your job (lounge area), your place of worship, and so on.  We would appreciate your efforts in spreading the word even if your child does not enroll.  Word of mouth is the best way we advertise.  We also appreciate your support through the years.  Although we are not traveling this summer, we still accept donations for all overall program, which convert to partial scholarships and financial assistance to offset the cost of tuition for those families that cannot afford it.  Please help us find students in that no-income family household category that are willing to commit to our program twice a week plus performances.  Have a blessed day.  

David E. Robinson III
Founder & Artistic Director
Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia

Please check out our website at www.sinfo-nia.com
Included are some awesome music videos.

For 28 glorious years the Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia, founded as the William Grant Still Memorial Youth Orchestra of Metropolitan Atlanta has been providing quality instrumental music instruction in a fun, challenging, and nurturing environment to over 1,000 students.  On June 25, 1990 it began as a summer camp at Ronald E. McNair Junior High School in Dekalb County founded by 35-year veteran orchestra director, David E. Robinson III.  Sinfo-Nia has brought out the abilities and hidden talents of students who may be shy or lacking some of the basic music skills.  Some students come with a desire to want to take their skills to higher heights.  Some of Sinfo-Nia’s graduates have gone on to college to earn music scholarships.  Some of them are now playing in symphony orchestras, teaching on the elementary, secondary, and college level, and teaching on the college level.  

Students ages 7 through 18 can enroll and take courses on either the beginning, intermediate, or advanced level.  There are opening for strings: violin, viola, ‘cello, and double bass.  Brass, woodwind, and percussion students must be on the advanced level only.  Students learn to perform a variety of multicultural music: traditional orchestral literature (also known as “classical”), jazz, Negro spirituals, gospel, reggae, soca, ragtime, motion picture themes, country, Top-40: rock, R & B, hip-hop, classic oldies, and so on.  Students are taught scales and their variations, etudes, warm-ups, posture, and other technique.  Some students prepare to audition for other programs such as Allstate, college, youth symphonies, and honor orchestras.  

Through the years Sinfo-Nia has performed throughout Metropolitan Atlanta including in the presence of public officials, celebrities, and professional athletes.  Sinfo-Nia has performed in two music videos: one for a movie called “life.less” on the tune, Fly Away” by John Jay, and the other for rap recording stars Curren$y and Wale on the tune, “What It Look Like, ATL.”  Sinfo-Nia is already planning  to record original music that could be destined to become hits on the radio and music video charts.  In 2013, they did a music video with recording artist, “The Mad Violinist” called “Battle Field,” which has over 65,000 views worldwide.  Please check out more music videos of Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia on YouTube.

Sinfo-Nia has traveled throughout the United States performing at major music conventions, festivals, and such.  Sinfo-Nia has already traveled to West Africa twice and performed for some world dignitaries (including Ghana’s President, Dr. John Kuffour at his home on Christmas Day 2007), former UN Secretary General, Dr. Kofi Annan, and former UN Ambassador to Ghana from the US, Her Excellency, Dr. Pamela Bridgewater.  Sinfo-Nia is planning a third trip to the continent of Africa as well as other places.  Sinfo-Nia traveled to Jamaica to perform with the National Youth Orchestra of Jamaica (NYOJ) in 2017.

A student’s participation in Sinfo-Nia can mean greater participation in his/her own school orchestra and/or band program.  If a student attends a school that does not have an orchestra or band program (or it has just been cut), he/she can still experience the finest in instrumental music and reap many benefits in preparation for college and beyond.  

Classes for the school-year will begin on Saturday, September 8, 2018.  Classes are held on Saturday mornings 9 AM to 12 Noon and Monday evenings 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the First Congregational Church Commons located at 125 Ellis St., Atlanta, GA 30303.   It is in downtown Atlanta so as to attract students from all over metro Atlanta.  Students who live out-of-town are also invited to take part (we have had students come from Columbia, SC and Macon, GA).  

Our annual two-week Summer Academy (Camp) is taking place June 11-22, 2018.  Students that live out of town who have relatives or close family friends they can stay with are encouraged to come and take part.  We have had students from the states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Illinois, California, Colorado, and New York to come and take part.

Please visit Sinfo-Nia’s website at www.sinfo-nia.com.  You can also visit YouTube and type in “Still Waters Youth Sinfo-Nia” to see some of our performances.  Sinfo-Nia (Musician/Band) is also on Facebook with more videos.  For more information, please call (404) 328-0840.  Please encourage friends, family, classmates, co-workers, co-worshippers, etc. to check out Sinfo-Nia.  Please make copies of this flier (front and back), pass out to people and post on bulletin boards.  You are likely to run into people you know who have children who play instruments with some of them attending schools where the program had been eliminated. 

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