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John Malveaux: Anthony R. Parnther opened the Southeast Symphony 70th season March 11, 2018

Anthony R. Parnther

Annelle K. Gregory

John Malveaux of 

Music Director and Conductor Anthony R. Parnther opened the Southeast Symphony 70th season March 11, 2018 with commentary on the founding of the orchestra and its remarkable survival as the oldest founded African American orchestra in the country. As he spoke, I noted the physical face of the orchestra is significantly whiter than earlier years. 

The program opened with selections from WEST SIDE STORY by Leonard Bernstein. In tribute to Women History Month, composer Adrienne Albert WESTERN SUITE and Florence Price THE OAK concluded the first half. Composer Adrienne Albert was introduced and spoke before and after performance of WESTERN SUITE. The performance of Florence Price THE OAK was a West Coast premiere. The recording by the Women Philharmonic is part of my classical collection. 

Violinist Annele Gregory assumed the concert master chair to open the second half  performance of SCHEHERAZADE by Nilolai Rimsky-Korsakov . Annelle is a virtuoso violinist and the 1st chair part was an understatement for her. The program closed with MAKE OUR GARDEN GROW from CANDIDE by Leonard Bernstein. Again, the Southeast Symphony Chorus physical face is significantly whiter than the chorus debut in the last year or two.

Overall, the orchestra was excellent and I look forward to the next performance. Please see/hear Women Philharmonic recording of Florence Price THE OAK Also see Florence Price

Comment by email:
Thank you both for the post!
Yes, Mr. Malveaux, I also noticed that the makeup of the orchestra and chorus seemed to have changed since I last played with them. ~ Annelle [Annelle K. Gregory]

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