Monday, March 12, 2018

Gateways Music Festival: Invitation to Participate in a National Survey

Lee Koonce writes:

Greetings!  I am writing to encourage you to participate in an important national survey of orchestral musicians that will help the field learn more about the experiences of musicians of African and Latino descent and, based on the information collected, develop programs and opportunities that will help promote greater participation by these musicians.

You may receive this survey from other organizations with whom you are affiliated, but you just need to fill out one.  Also, I would like to ask you to share this survey with your colleagues to make sure that it is received by the largest number of musicians as possible.

Gateways musicians have much to contribute to this conversation, and the survey organizers -- the Sphinx Organization, the League of American Orchestras and the New World Symphony -- have generously offered to share the results of the survey with us so that we can determine if there are programs, activities or opportunities that Gateways might offer to further increase participation of classical musicians of African descent.  The survey concludes with a space to “tell your story.”  I have listened to many of you talk about your extraordinary journeys, and this is a good opportunity to share them with a broader audience.

Due Date:  Friday, April 6, 2018

Thank you in advance for your participation in and support of this important effort!  Please feel to reach out to the survey organizers or me if you have questions or comments.

With all best wishes,


Lee Koonce
President & Artistic Director
Gateways Music Festival
in association with
Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, NY  14604
Phone: 917-406-0046
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