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African Musical Arts/IMI: Highly recommended CDs and cultural resources, including "A Celebration of African Composers for Piano," AMP AGCD 2706 (2017)

Newly released CD celebrates some of the African composers whose works have helped to enrich musical arts education in America and globally. Recorded by pianist Peter Henderson at Powell Symphony Hall in St. Louis, Missouri.  ​Click here to order the CD or Click here to securely support our programs with your creditcard. Your tax-deductible donation will help pay to offer free copies of the CD to select schools and libraries across the United States and Africa. Donations by check to the African Musical Arts, 3547 Olive St., Suite 110, St. Louis, MO 63103 USA.



Riding Top-10 on the Gospel Music Charts! 

Our Fredo and African Musical Arts honored to co-produce on new CD, "Stay Connected" by the Choirs of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ. Order CD on Amazon at

Our partnership with Trinity United Church of Christ, former President and Michelle Obama's home church, began shortly following his Presidency and since then has led to several visits by the Music Minister Bryan Johnson and the Voices of Trinity to St. Louis for African Musical Arts events, and in exchange, Fredo & Songs of Africa Ensemble's visits to Chicago. Relations with one of America's largest African American churches has blossomed, forging mutually beneficial partnership to share new forms of choral repertoire for Worship. Stay Connected CD & DVD was a massive production comprised of 100s of singers, musicians and powerful ministry in diverse Gospel Music, Jazz and various selections from around Africa and Brazil. Order your copy now on Amazon at
The African Imagination In Music
Kofi Agawu

Appropriating African Music

by Kofi Agawu

This chapter acknowledges the global presence of African music. It traces this presence through the travels of musicians in the popular sphere and the appropriation of elements of African music in varieties of popular music. It also points to the uses of African or African-derived music in film. The work of avant-garde composers (Fanshawe, Reich and Ligeti, among others) is discussed. The chapter also reflects on the work of African composers of art music. The kinds of understanding and appreciation fostered by art music are touted as important developments in the reception of African music. The chapter comments in closing on two brief works by Joshua Uzoigwe and Fred Onovwerosuoke and suggests that the future of African music will depend on the efforts of composers in this tradition.

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