Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2017 MPower Artist Grants: Sphinx Organization awards over $180,000 to help transform the careers of 15 recipients

Matthew David Adams

Steven Baloue

Jonathan Colbert

Annalise Cole 

Megan Delatour

Anita Dumar

Angelica Durrell

David France

Celia Hatton

Chi-chi Nwanoku

Aaron Olguin

Maurice Todd

Hannah White

Elena Urioste

Melissa White

Matthew David Adams - $1,000
Sphinx Competition
To attend the Aspen Music Festival (Aspen, Colorado)

Steven Baloue - $9,500
Sphinx Performance Academy, Sphinx Competition
To purchase a viola by Michael Becker

Jonathan Colbert - $38,650
Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Symphony, Sphinx Virtuosi
To purchase a double bass made by Trevor Davis

Annalise Cole - $1,870
Sphinx Performance Academy
To take private violin lessons with a master-level teacher at the Arts and Community Network

Megan Delatour - $1,200
Sphinx Performance Academy
To purchase a viola bow from Judd Violins

Anita Dumar - $1,100
Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Symphony
To assist with sending the Ivalas Quartet to participate in the Anchorage Chamber Music Festival (Anchorage, Alaska)

Angelica Durrell - $14,500
Sphinx Performance Academy
To increase INTAKE Music Organization's impact, by presenting a large-scale Cultural Crossover Concert featuring Afro-Caribbean music and an Integrated Orchestra
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David France - $4,930
Sphinx Symphony Orchestra
To support the Dare to Aspire Conference, which exists to inspire, support, and equip string teachers using music as a catalyst for social change by giving them access to world class teacher trainers and opportunities for collaborative problem solving

Celia Hatton - $2,300
Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Symphony Orchestra, Sphinx Virtuosi
To participate in the Sarasota Music Festival (Sarasota, Florida)

Chi-chi Nwanoku - $24,500
Sphinx Symphony Orchestra
To produce Chineke! Orchestra and Chineke! Junior Orchestra performances at Royal Festival Hall, London 16 July 2017

Aaron Olguin - $16,500
Sphinx Competition
To embark on a five-venue chamber music tour with the Bassinova Quartet in New York, Washington, B.C. Canada, and California

Maurice Todd - $30,000
Sphinx Symphony
To create the Cincinnati Double Bass Institute focusing on students in the Cincinnati Public Schools

Hannah White - $14,500
Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Virtuosi
To support costs associated with college preparation, including lessons, recordings, auditions, and competitions

Elena Urioste & Melissa White - $24,500
Sphinx Competition, Sphinx Virtuosi,
Sphinx Symphony Orchestra, Sphinx Medals of Excellence
To fund the launch of Intermission Sessions & Retreat, a new program which celebrates the symbiosis between music and yoga and encourages a more mindful approach to practicing, performing, and musicmaking in general
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