Friday, December 23, 2016

Happy Holidays from Composers Concordance, Including Composer and Flutist Valerie Coleman-Page

photo ©2016 by Sebastian Pritsker
Composers Valerie Coleman-Page, Gene Pritsker, Elena Shalenkova, Joseph Pehrson, 
Dan Cooper, Mark Kostabi, Tasos Papastamou, & Jay Kauffman
Happy Holidays from Composers Concordance! This fall alone, we presented eight concerts, at William Paterson University's Shea Auditorium, West Park Presbyterian Church, Spectrum NYC, (Le) Poisson Rouge, Kostabi World Uptown, Goddard Riverside, and Fort Washington Collegiate Church. Among the 72 original compositions performed were numerous new works for chamber groups, orchestra, electric instruments, world instruments, and multimedia, as part of the inclusionary mix that NYC audiences have come to associate with our unique series and record label.
Many exciting concerts are planned for this spring, including our 6th annual festival: 'New York / New Music.' Next up, we return to (Le) Poisson Rouge on January 26th, to present the string quartet ETHEL and the percussion ensemble TALUJON, in a program entitled 'RoundTable.'
We hope that you'll consider a tax-deductible donation to Composers Concordance today, so that we can continue bringing such varied and exciting programming to you in future seasons! It's easy to donate by PayPal or by mail. In addition, we look forward to hearing from you soon. We enjoy corresponding with artists and audiences, and always appreciate constructive feedback on our events and recordings!

We're most grateful to all the amazing fall 2016 composers and performers (as well as visual artists, etc) including Agata Manka, Alexis Cuadrado, Anya Migdal, Barry Crawford, Borislav Strulev, Brian Thompson, Carlos José Castro Mora, Carolyn Steinberg, Chacho Ramirez, Charles Coleman, Charlie Porter, Christine Kim, Dan Cooper, Daniel Palkowski, Dave Soldier, David Gotay, David Rozenblatt, David Saperstein, David Taylor, David Whitwell, Debra Kaye, Denise Stillwell, Derin Oge, Earl Maneein, Edmundo Ramirez, Eleanor Cory, Elena Shalenkova, Franz Hackl, Gary Van Dyke, Gene Pritsker, Graham Elliot, Greesi Desiree Langovitz, Greg Lake, Hayley Reid, Idith Korman, Ismael Fernandez, Jack Glottman, Jai Jeffryes, Jane Getter, Jay Elfenbein, Jay Kauffman, Jennifer DeVore, Jesse Gerbasi, John Clark, John Ferrari, John Kneiling, Jonathan Strauch, Jose Luis Moreno, Joseph Pehrson, Kathy Halvorson, Kim Heller Pritsker, Kristjan Jarvi, Laurence Goldman, Leonor Falcon, Lukas Ligeti, Lynn Bechtold, Marius Moritz, Mark Kostabi, Mark Timmerman, Masatora Goya, Mat Fieldes, Max Pollak, Melissa Grey, Michael Aberback, Michiyo Suzuki, Mike Seltzer, Miranda Cuckson, Nicole Antebo, Nicole Brancato, Paul Carroll, Paul Nowinski, Payton MacDonald, Pedro Cortes, Peter Jarvis, Philip Payton, Philippe Quint, Randy Sosa, Ratzo Harris, Raul Quines, Roswitha Rodrigues, Sarah Franklin, Scott Jackson Wiley, Sean Dello Monaco, Sean Satin, Sharon Harms, Sonia Olla, Steffen Roth, Tasos Papastamou, Valerie Coleman-Page, William Schimmel, and Yuko Naito-Gotay, among others. 

With best wishes for the holidays and a Happy New Year! -DanC, Gene

Composers Concordance 
Gene Pritsker, Dan Cooper - Directors 
Milica Paranosic, Peter Jarvis, Melissa Grey, Svjetlana Bukvich - Associate Directors 

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