Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Delos: Lawrence Brownlee: Virtuoso Rossini Arias — “A CD of Happiness” [Opera blog 'Mandolin Vision']

Lawrence Brownlee: Virtuoso Rossini Arias
Kaunas City Symphony Orchestra
Constantine Orbelian, Conductor
Delos 3455 (2014)

Opera blog Mandolin Vision calls Lawrence Brownlee’s Virtuoso Rossini Arias recording “A CD of Happiness” in a new review:
“Even though we are ardent opera fans, when it comes to traveling, we are an anything-goes gang, happy to listen to it all – from the classics to reggae to rock. As long as our music-on-the-go is happy, that is. When earlier this summer I took a first listen of Virtuoso Rossini Arias, I instantly knew that no matter how many other CDs I would pack, this time it was going to be all about opera. … A singer with an impeccable technique, endless breath and a tonal spectrum that ranges from subtle gleam to diamond luster, Brownlee takes to Rossini’s blood-sweat-and-tears score like a fish to water. … the tenor shows off every facet of his voice in a subtle setting that Orbelian, a true jeweler of music, creates together with the orchestra. However, what makes this album a true standout goes way beyond the tenor’s exquisite vocalism and even the stamina that allows him to nail down the countless coloratura runs and wide leaps with acrobatic agility. The most striking feature of this album is Brownlee’s ease of handling the tough score – a truly virtuosic quality thanks to which the album becomes an ultimate CD of happiness.…” —Raisa Massuda, Mandolin Vision

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