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Garifuna Documentary, 'Yurumein: Homeland': 15% off for Members of Center for Black Music Research

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Yurumein: Homeland

Resistance, Rupture and Repair: The Caribs of St. Vincent in the Caribbean

Special offer for members of the Center for Black Music Research

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Homeland between now and January 31, 2015
The CBMR Library and Archives is the repository of field notes, interviews, production notes, and film/video footage for Leland’s documentaries, including Garifuna Journey, Jamesie, Yurumein, and others.

About the film

Yurumein is a 50-minute documentary that tells a unique
story deserving of a place in the annals of the African
Diaspora: that of the Carib/Garifuna resistance to
slavery in St. Vincent.
Yurumein recounts the heroic
yet painful past of Vincentian Caribs, which culminated in
the extermination of scores of their ancestors at the hands
of the British in 1797. Those Caribs who were not killed
were exiled to the coast of Central America where,
the last two centuries, the Garifuna culture has
been kept vibrant and alive.
The film offers an intimate portrait of the burgeoning
movement among Carib/Garifuna communities in St.
Vincent to learn from their Central American brethren—
for the very first time—the traditional language, music,
dance, spirituality, and history of their ancestors. As
people who have faced colonial powers, genocide,
disenfranchisement, and cultural hegemony, the
Garifuna men and women featured in
a testament to the incredible perseverance
and strength of the human spirit.
I hope you’ll consider adding Yurumein: Homeland
to your library!
Best regards,
Andrea Leland, director
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