Saturday, November 1, 2014

Eric Conway, D.M.A.: Catonsville Times: Lucille M. Brooks, Mentor of Audrey McCallum, passes at the age of 102

Lucille Marcus Brooks
(Brendan Cavanaugh, Baltimore Sun)

Eric Conway, D.M.A.:

Hello Morgan Music Community,
Most recently Lucille Brooks, a Baltimore City School Teacher and mentor of Audrey McCallum recently passed. Please attached article in the The Catonsville Times giving notice of the passing of Ms. Brooks at 102 years. Ms. Brooks was a Morgan Alum who received a Bachelor's degree in Music in 1950 who later returned to Morgan to earn a Masters degree in Music.
Ms. Brooks happened to be one of the most significant mentors in Audrey McCallum's life. Audrey McCallum taught at Morgan for approximately twenty years after retiring form Baltimore City Schools. She taught Mrs. McCallum at Dunbar High School in Baltimore. It is not often we get to hear about our teachers' teachers. Please read attached story and learn of our heritage. Enjoy!

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