Saturday, July 23, 2011

YouTube: 'Songs of Haiti / Chansons d'Haiti' Orchestrated by Julio Racine

[Julio Racine]

The Haitian composer and arranger Julio Racine (b. 1945) is profiled at On July 17, 2011 a collection of songs of Julio Racine was posted on YouTube. The accompanying information was posted in French, which we have translated as follows:

Songs of Haiti, or Chansons d'Haiti, is a compilation of folk songs, traditional songs and classical songs of Haiti, presented in the form of collections. The First Volume for guitar chords and voice contains 20 songs. The Second Volume for piano and voice contains 10 songs. The CD attached to the second collection contains songs sung by K. Margron and Ricot Mazarin, orchestrated by Julio Racine as well as piano accompaniments of Werner A. Jaegerhuber and guitar accompaniments of Frantz Casseus.
These collections will soon be available on the Internet.

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