Monday, July 18, 2011

'Tangos for Piano' of Amy Briggs is enhanced by Jeffrey Mumford's 'Tango-Variations'

[ABOVE: Jeffrey Mumford BELOW: Tangos For Piano; Amy Briggs, piano; Ravello RR7808 (2010)]

On Dec. 13, 2010 AfriClassical posted: “Jeffrey Mumford: 'Amy Briggs has established herself as a leading interpreter of the music of living composers.'” In the post we quoted Jeffrey Mumford: “FYI, JUST released!! on the Ravello Records label 'Tangos for Piano' by pianist Amy Briggs which includes my tango-variations.”

We have obtained a copy of Tangos for Piano, and have listened to it many times to absorb the distinctive musical experience it offers. The CD jacket reads: “Ravello Records is the contemporary classical label imprint of audio production house PARMA Recordings.” Pianist Amy Briggs writes in the liner notes: “In 2003-2004 I was artist-in-residence at UC Davis. The four composers at the time (Laurie San Martin, Yu-Hui Chang, Pablo Ortiz, and Ross Bauer) proposed the idea of an all-tango program and recording. Each would compose a 3-minute tango and encouraged me to invite others to do the same.”
"Chicago pianist Amy Briggs wonderfully deconstructs and reinvents the tango—including that one from Scent of a Woman."
By Doyle Armbrust
“Combined with selections from Yvar Mikhashoff’s 'International Tango Collection,' the U. of C. professor’s Tangos for Piano is an astounding and manifold collection of deconstructions and reinventions.”

Tangos for Piano consists of 22 tracks. Composer Jeffrey Mumford is featured on Track 19, Tango-Variations (2:53). Tango-Variations opens in a more dramatic fashion than do most of the tracks on this disc. Jeffrey Mumford has made a distinctive contribution which enhances the recording. The piece also reflects the composer's characteristic contemporary style.

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