Thursday, July 21, 2011

YouTube: Celso Machado is Guest Percussionist for Performance of 'Folguedo for 8 Guitars' (12:20) by Victoria Guitars

[Celso Machado and Folguedo For 8 Guitars]

On this YouTube video, Celso Machado contributes both percussion and scat vocals to a full-length performance of his composition Folguedo For 8 Guitars (12:20) by Victoria Guitars. The ensemble is affiliated with the Victoria Conservatory of Music in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Celso Machado makes his home in British Columbia.

by Celso Machado, directed by Alexander Dunn. Celso Machado, guest percussionist, with Victoria Guitars. Victoria Conservatory of Music, Victoria, BC, Canada.” Celso Machado (b. 1953) is an Afro-Brazilian composer and guitarist who is profiled at and who has a website of his own,

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