Monday, July 25, 2011

'On An Overgrown Path' Seeks Missing Details on African American Conductor & Violinist Everett Lee, born 1913, Wheeler, WV

[Everett Lee (Photo from Marquette University Archives, taken by Carl Van Vechten]

Bob Shingleton, aka Pliable, writes the influential classical music blog On an Overgrown Path. Bob is based in England and has a keen interest in composers and musicians who have been unfairly neglected. He writes:

“Bill, I have published an article today about Everett Lee -

As I point out in the post, it is a work in progress and I invite readers to fill in the blanks, particularly in the later stages of his career. I hope that this way we can arrive at a biography that does this fine African American musician justice.

Please let me have any additional information you have and I will add it. There will be a brief follow up tomorrow and another big article on a related subject next week. I'll keep you posted.
Regards from England,
Bob Shingleton

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