Wednesday, February 9, 2011

John Malveaux on 'When I Rise' on PBS Feb. 8: 'If you missed the broadcast, please check for a rebroadcast date'

On Jan. 16, 2011 AfriClassical posted: PBS: “'When I Rise' is a feature-length documentary about Barbara Smith Conrad in a 'racial controversy.'” John Malveaux of MusicUNTOLD sends this update:

Independent Lens “When I Rise” aired on PBS stations nationally on February 8, 2011. John Malveaux recommended watching “When I Rise” on 1-16-2011 Africlassical blog. If you missed the broadcast, please check for a rebroadcast date and see and

ITVS Community Cinema is a groundbreaking public education and civic engagement initiative featuring free monthly screenings of selected films from the Emmy Award-winning series Independent Lens. MusicUNTOLD is the proud presenting partner of ITVS Community Cinema in Long Beach, Ca. Community Cinema is on location in more than 90 cities nationally, bringing together leading organizations, community members and public television stations to learn, discuss, and get involved in key social issues of our time.
John Malveaux

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