Friday, February 25, 2011

John Malveaux Asks NAACP To Add Categories of Classical Music and Opera To 'Image Awards'

[The 42nd NAACP Image Awards are scheduled for Friday, March 4, 2011.]

John Malveaux of MusicUNTOLD writes:

“After receiving the current issue of The Crisis Magazine, I sent the following Letter to the Editor.

“To: Laura D. Blackburne, Chair
The Crisis Board of Directors

The first paragraph of your publisher’s letter, Winter Issue 2011, mentions 'stereotypical images'.

"Later, I find the following quote: 'This distortion of the images of African Americans has consequences. The way in which we view ourselves; as well as how we are viewed by the rest of Americans and the world are shaped by these distorted images'.

"This issue also includes the official ballot for the 42nd NAACP IMAGE AWARDS as follows:

201. Outstanding New Artist

202. Outstanding Male Artist

203. Outstanding Female Artist

204. Outstanding Duo or Group or Collaboration

205. Outstanding Jazz Album

206. Outstanding Gospel Album

207. Outstanding World Music Album

208. Outstanding Music Video

209. Outstanding Song

210. Outstanding Album

“Awareness of African American history and achievements in classical and opera is little known and much neglected by main media and black media. This is to suggest that The CRISIS add categories to heighten awareness and acknowledgement classical and opera categories. If we don’t recognize our own outside the 'stereotypical images', we diminish the opportunity to change the distorted images.
John Malveaux”

Comment by email:
Very well written, John. Bravo! FredO


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If I ever meet you in person, John Malveaux, I will give you a kiss --on each cheek!!! Thanks!!! Wilma

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Yes! Bravo for your comment. I wish had conceived and suggested such a course of action. Bravo! Very well done1