Monday, February 28, 2011

Aaron Dworkin: 'Welcome to the first edition of the Sphinx Organization’s international newsletter!'

[Aaron Dworkin (b. 1970), Founder and President, The Sphinx Organization]

AfriClassical is proud to present Aaron Dworkin's introduction of the Sphinx Organization's new international newsletter, which can be read in its entirety at this web address

"Dear Friends,
Welcome to the first edition of the Sphinx Organization’s international newsletter!
In preparing this message, I began reflecting on the vision of the Sphinx Organization—the one overarching goal that drives our work each day— 'Sphinx envisions a world in which classical music reflects cultural diversity and plays a role in the everyday lives of youth.'

"We know the challenges of access to the arts and diversity do not stop at our country’s borders, but are challenges faced by all nations across the world. As we are coming up on 15 years of building diversity in classical music, Sphinx is embarking on a mission to truly impact the world and see our vision realized. From Venezuela to South Africa, Paraguay to Belgium, Sphinx artists are bring diversity to classical music and engaging youth typically excluded from our art form.

"We would particularly like to thank the U.S. State Department and the fantastic advocates at our embassies around the world who support our vision and believe in uplifting the youth of their respective countries. We also thank our many partner organizations that are working on the ground in a number of countries and share our vision. These relationships are invaluable to our work as we learn from each other and discover new ways to improve access, build community, and truly diversify classical music in every sense of the word.

"I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter to discover what Sphinx artists are doing around the world to bring us closer to our vision. If you would like to continue to receive future versions of the international newsletter, please contact Caitlin Ilich via e-mail at
With Warm Regards,
Aaron Dworkin
Founder and President
[Aaron Dworkin (b. 1970) is profiled at and has a personal website at:]

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