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Diane Bolden-Taylor on Faculty of Beverly Hills International Music Festival Aug. 8-17, 2010

[Diane Bolden-Taylor]

On Sept. 27, 2009 AfriClassical wrote of Diane Bolden-Taylor, Professor of Music and Vocal Area Head at the University of Northern Colorado. She was about to perform at the annual Association for the Study of African-American Life and History (ASALH) convention.

Diane Bolden-Taylor contacted us this week with news of a major festival this August:
“Hi Bill, I have recently joined the faculty of the Beverly Hills International Music Festival (August 8-17, 2010). I will be teaching college age and adult students but I am most excited about the opportunity of teaching groups of middle and high school students who want voice lessons and some general music instruction to help them prepare for an eventual entry audition at a college or university. Diane Bolden-Taylor

“I have joined the faculty as a voice teacher and performer at the 7th annual Beverly Hills International Music Festival (BHIMF, August 8-17). The BHIMF offers public performance opportunities as well as intensive study for young musicians in one of the world’s premier entertainment centers. The festival is designed to provide talented vocalists (and instrumentalists) a chance to learn from some of the world’s leading musicians, to improve their technical and expressive musical skills and to perform before leading entertainment specialists. Students (college age and older) will receive individual voice lessons as well as individual and chamber music coachings. They will also learn to perfect their foreign language diction skills through knowledge of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as it pertains to the French, Italian, German and English languages.

“This festival is unlike others where the emphasis is only on opera. The focus will not only be on preparation of operatic arias but also art songs, cantatas and other chamber works, as well as oratorios and other religious compositions including spirituals. There is a concert each night so there will be public performance opportunities (important additions to your resume). Students participating in the BHIMF will learn appropriate repertoire, stage deportment and audition techniques for delivering successful auditions for a variety of performance opportunities both during and beyond the festival including classical concerts or operas, musicals, variety shows, singing roles in movies and plays, etc.

“(AT A REDUCED RATE) For middle and high school students, and adults emphasis will be placed on achieving a solid, classically trained foundation to ensure vocal stability, promote lasting vocal health and increased range. Through vocal master classes where students receive group and limited individual voice instruction students will improve breath support, ear training, knowledge of music theory, and foreign language diction through familiarity with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for the English, French, German, Italian languages. Students will acquire the necessary skills to go on to sing in all styles including classical, folk, spirituals and other religious music, pop, legit musical theatre and jazz. Gaining acceptance to and financial aid in the form of a talent scholarship for music programs at quality colleges and universities often requires evidence of talent, skill and ability via an audition. Students participating in the BHIMF will learn appropriate stage deportment and audition techniques (and repertoire) for delivering a successful audition for such institutions as well as other performance opportunities such as musicals, variety shows, singing roles in movies and plays, etc.
Diane Bolden-Taylor
For more information and to download an application: Phone: (310) 779-7622 Website: To contact me personally: Phone: (970) 351-1314 E-mail:”

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