Thursday, March 25, 2010

'African Musicology: A Bibliographical Guide to Nigerian Art Music (1927–2009)'

[Godwin Sadoh]

Godwin Sadoh, D.M.A., is Professor of Music at Talladega College in Talladega, Alabama. He is author of six books, including Intercultural Dimensions in Ayo Bankole's Music (2007).

Project MUSE
Notes, Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association
Volume 66, Number 3, March 2010, pp. 485-502
Godwin Sadoh
African Musicology: A Bibliographical Guide to Nigerian Art Music (1927–2009)

“This article provides a brief introduction to the history of art music in Nigeria, a concise discussion of three generations of music composition in Nigeria as well as an extensive bibliography of Nigerian art music comprised of articles, books, and discographic materials. The article is primarily set to present a list of sources on Nigerian art music, showcasing the depth and breadth of scholarly activities on this music.”

“The bibliography encapsulates the focus of the extensive bibliographies which represent the scholarly contributions on modern Nigerian art music by various musicologists from Africa, Europe, and the United States. Most of the Nigerian authors are composers, ethnomusicologists, performers, and music educators, whose research is largely based on fieldwork, and their personal experiences in composing and performing this music.”

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