Saturday, September 26, 2009

Zorch`s Inner Sanctum `Ludovic Lamothe: Fleurs d'Haiti` Download 10 Piano Works Free

[`Fleurs d`Haiti, 10 Selections de Piano par Ludovic Lamothe Compositeur`; Disques Victor]

Ludovic Lamothe (1882-1953) was a Haitian composer and pianist who is profiled at A blogger owns an album of 5 Ludovic Lamothe records, with 10 piano pieces performed by the composer on 78rpm records. He has signed the Guest Book and has sent an email about the album. He says he plans to offer the album on eBay in the near future. At the moment, the 10 piano pieces are available for free download, via a link in the post below, which we appreciate:
Zorch's Inner Sanctum
Thursday, September 24, 2009
Ludovic Lamothe: Fleurs d'Haiti
This was originally part of the last post. After a bit of thought (not that much) I figured that this music was important enough to merit its own posting. Quite a few years ago I found this five-record album...

`It's Fleurs d'Haiti, an album of music composed and played by Haitian pianist Ludovic Lamothe (1882-1953). It seems to have been recorded in the late 1930s sometime. Unfortunately I can't find a lot of information about this set. If it's mentioned at all, it's as a footnote, sometimes with a "(78 rpm?)" postscript. This seems to be the best page available about Lamothe:`

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