Friday, September 18, 2009

Comments on AfriClassical Interview With Eliesha Nelson; Link To Naxos Interview

[Quincy Porter, Complete Viola Works; Eliesha Nelson, viola; John McLaughlin Williams, violin, piano, harpsichord; Douglas Roth, harp; Northwest Sinfonia, John McLaughlin Williams, conductor; Dorian Recordings DSL 90911 (73:47) (2009)]

Comments on the interview AfriClassical had with violist Eliesha Nelson, posted in two parts, have appeared on the blog, in email and on Eliesha's blog. We present a selection of remarks. Eliesha sent us two emails after the first post:
(1) Thanks Bill! It's a nice interview, very personable! Eliesha
(2) Hi Bill, It was nice talking with you the other day! I thought you might be interested in an interview I did with Naxos of America about the Porter album. You can see it at: Hope you are well. Eliesha
New interview on AfriClassical Blog
I had an interesting chat not too long ago with Bill Zick, who runs the Africlassical blog. It focuses on Africans and those of the African diaspora throughout the world who play and compose classical music. I was happy he wanted to do an interview about the
Quincy Porter Complete Viola Works recording. Please check it out...
Posted by Eliesha on September 16th, 2009

Response from Ruth Nelson on September 17, 2009:
Thank You for the Bill Zick chat. It was most informative about you, the Quincy Porter Project, the composer, Porter. I await the recording. Ruth Nelson

John McLaughlin Williams (JMW) also commented twice by email:
(1) Just read it. Excellent interview! You ask very apposite questions. Looking forward to part 2.
Thanks! JMW
(2) Excellent job, Bill. I hope a lot of people will see it. JMW

Taylor V commented on AfriClassical:
What a fantastic interview! I always find it interesting when musicians and artists hail from seemingly remote places. Somehow it adds a bit of mystery. Congrats on releasing your album!

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