Monday, September 28, 2009

“Saint-Georges International Festival of Guadeloupe” Planned For April 22-25, 2010

L'Association des Amis de Joseph Bologne [Association of the Friends of Joseph Bologne] is based in Guadeloupe, where Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges, who is profiled at, was born. Its President is Jean-Claude HALLEY, with whom we have exchanged information for several years. Jean-Claude tells us:

The time has come to tell everyone what is going on in Guadeloupe, the country of Saint-Georges. With Maestro Marlon DANIEL, an International Committee is preparing an International Saint-Georges Festival, April 22-25, 2010. We hope to receive in Basse-Terre some of our great friends we can never thank enough for their work, devotion and admiration for Saint-Georges.

We are doing our best to make preparations for 4 nights of concerts in the Art'Chipel of Basse-Terre, and we think this would be a good time to organize what we are calling the "Saint-Georges Symposium." This means a meeting where everyone will come and speak about the Chevalier. Everything should be seriously organized, scientifically organized I should say, with the help of Les Archives Départementales (Departmental Archives) and the Historical Society of Guadeloupe. We will invite a number of our good friends.

During the festival we plan to have four half-day sessions on Saint-Georges. We hope to have one each devoted to Music, Fencing and History. The last half-day would be a public conference. We are also planning a visit to the birthplace of Saint-Georges. This is the point at which we find ourselves. We are working hard but we have been assisted by the enthusiasm of people from Basse-Terre and Baillif and more generally from Guadeloupe and France.

During the month of October 2009 everyone should receive a special invitation to come, attend and participate in this First Symposium on Joseph Bologne Saint-Georges. A special Lecture Committee will perform the function of soliciting communications on Saint-Georges and of selecting them. More very soon!"

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