Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comment on Post on Dr. Cleveland Williams & Scott Joplin's 'Treemonisha'

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Earlier today, AfriClassical posted: “Cleveland Williams, Bahamian Baritone, Directs Scott Joplin's 'Treemonisha' in Nassau”. The following comment was also made today on “William J. Zick said...It is inspiring to hear of the performances of Scott Joplin's "Treemonisha" in Nassau, starting July 6, 2009, under the direction of Dr. Cleveland Williams, the Bahamian baritone. The Scott Joplin page at
explains "Treemonisha" was first staged in January, 1972 in a concert performance. It was staged in Atlanta, Georgia by the Afro-American Music Workshop of Morehouse College and the Atlanta Symphony under Robert Shaw, conductor. The opera concludes with "A Real Slow Drag". On January 30, 1972 The New York Times published a review by Harold C. Schonberg which said, in part: "This slow drag is amazing. Harmonically enchanting, full of the tensions of an entire race, rhythmically catching, it refuses to leave the mind. Talk about soul music!" I invite readers to visit the Scott Joplin page at my website.”

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