Thursday, June 18, 2009

Aaron Dworkin Discusses Sphinx Organization With DiversityInc In Carnegie Hall Video

[Aaron Dworkin (b. 1970) is profiled at as a Musician of African Descent]

AfriClassical has received this press release from
“Don’t miss this great interview with Sphinx Founder and President, Aaron Dworkin as he discusses Sphinx with Daryl Hannah of DiversityInc magazine backstage in the Carnegie Hall dressing room during the 2008 Sphinx Artist Series at Carnegie Hall”:
“Where Are the Black, Latino Composers? (VIDEO)"
By the DiversityInc staff
“It's rare that young people are interested in classical music. The Sphinx Organization is trying to change that. The group's president recently spoke to DiversityInc about all that Sphinx has to offer. Watch video” (5:14)

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