Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alvin Singleton Tells AfriClassical of Tenure as Composer-in-Residence in Albania

[Alvin Singleton with wife Lisa celebrating in Tirana, Albania after a concert of his music performed by the Orchestra of Albanian Radio and Television conducted by Oleg Arapi. October, 2008 (]

AfriClassical's interview with Alvin Singleton was first presented on June 12, 2009: “Orchestra of the League of Composers Debuts With 'adventurous music', Alvin Singleton Says”. The second instalment appeared on June 15, 2009: “Alvin Singleton: Imani Winds 'did a terrific job' Premiering 'Through It All'”.

AfriClassical also asked Alvin Singleton about his trip to Tirana, Albania in October 2008. The composer replied: “Oh this was just so fabulous. This is something that you could not even dream of! People still ask, 'Albania? Really?' I was invited by Doriana Molla and Adrian Morina of the cultural organization Eurynome Corp. This husband and wife team, who are from there, every year invite some sort of cultural exchange. They liked my music very much and felt that it would go over well in Albania. So they arranged for me to do a week residency and for the Albanian Radio Orchestra with maestro Oleg Arapi to play a concert of my music and for me to address students at the Arts Academy. And it was just fantastic. People are so warm. They don't have very much, but they have big hearts.” Alvin said the American ambassador attended with his wife and was very pleased by the visit. “The Molla Family, especially Jonida and Dritan, looked after every detail of the entire trip. It went very, very well. Really nice people, and I think it won't be the last time I'll be there. They were interested in me coming back to go to Kosovo. I'm gonna be the composer of the Balkan region,” he laughed. “Albania was closed all the years I lived in Austria. I lived in Austria for 13 years. They invited my wife too, so we were just whizzed off all the time somewhere. It was fantastic!”

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