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Violinist Samuel Thompson, Featured Member at
EmilyB | Mar 26, 2009 10:48 am 
A native of Charleston, South Carolina, Fractured Atlas member Samuel Thompson began playing violin at a young age and made his debut at the age of eighteen with the Carolina Amadeus Players Chamber Orchestra. He studied at both the University of South Carolina and Oklahoma State University, earning the Master of Music degree from the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University where he studied with Kenneth Goldsmith and Raphael Fliegel. Currently living in New York, Samuel recently took time out from his busy schedule of performing, editing recordings and writing about music and the arts to answer a few of my questions…

What’s next on your professional horizon?
At this moment I am continuing my fund raising efforts, with one goal being to participate in competitions in both the United States and Europe during the next three years. I am also continuing my associations with Carpetbag Theatre and Alternate ROOTS, and am working on what will be my first recording. With all of this, however, I have to say that “life can happen while you’re making plans”, so while my projects are dear to me — and some of them time-sensitive — I am also open to what the universe brings if I can bring the best of myself to it.

How can we learn more about you, hear your music, and learn about your tour schedule?
I have a blog/website ( that contains a lot of information about my career and history as well as my performance schedule and my thoughts on many things. Both my concert schedule and audio samples can be found at ReverbNation (, a tremendous global online service for musicians.

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