Monday, June 8, 2009

James P. Johnson & Duke Ellington On 'Romare Bearden Revealed' By Branford Marsalis Quartet

[Romare Bearden Revealed; Branford Marsalis Quartet; Marsalis Music (2003)]

The African American composers James P. Johnson and Duke Ellington are profiled at and are represented on a CD dedicated to the African American artist Romare Bearden, who wrote one of the songs himself. Sample audio can be heard at
On Romare Bearden Revealed, Branford Marsalis celebrates the life and works of the artist Romare Bearden. The subject of a major upcoming exhibit by the National Gallery of Art in Washington, Bearden (1911-1988) took constant inspiration and several titles for his paintings from various jazz masterpieces. In this recording, Branford Marsalis reinterprets several classic compositions that inspired Bearden, as well as Bearden's own "Sea Breeze." Features the Branford Marsalis Quartet plus guests Harry Connick, Jr., Wynton Marsalis, Doug Wamble and the Marsalis Family band. Includes compositions by jazz legends such as Duke Ellington, James P. Johnson and Jelly Roll Morton.
Romare Bearden Revealed
September 9, 2003
"I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue" Duke Ellington, Irving Mills, Henry Nemo (ASCAP)
"Jungle Blues" Ferd "Jelly Roll" Morton (ASCAP)
"Seabreeze" Fred Norman, Larry Douglas, Romare Bearden
"J Mood" Wynton Marsalis (ASCAP)
"B's Paris Blues" Branford Marsalis (ASCAP)
"Autumn Lamp" Doug Wamble (ASCAP)
"Steppin' On the Blues" Lovie Austin, Jimmy O'Bryant, Tommy Ladnier
“Laughin' & Talkin' (with Higg)” Jeff "Tain" Watts (BMI)
“Carolina Shout” James P. Johnson (ASCAP)

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