Monday, December 16, 2019

John Malveaux: Felicity Robles sings 'Sleeper's Prayer' at First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica

Felicity Robles

Zanaida Robles, Felicity Robles & John Malveaux

John Malveaux of 

December 15, 2019 attended teen treble Felicity Robles single song performance during First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica program featuring celebrated organist James Walker. Midway through the organ recital, Felicity, with organ accompaniment, sang 'Sleeper's Prayer' by David Lang based on a Jewish source that offers a universal and timely prayer for the safety of all children. A Star is Born. Felicity is the daughter of two professional singers, Dr. Zanaida and Vincent Robles. See pic 1-Felicity backstage before performance and pic 2-Felicity after concert with her mother, Dr. Robles, and talent scout John Malveaux.

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