Monday, December 9, 2019

John Malveaux: Dec 8 LET THERE BE LIGHT-A Hanukkah and Christmas concert

Rabbi Susan Nanus

Wilshire Temple

Wilshire Temple

Don Gurney

Dr. Diane White Clayton

John Malveaux of 

Sunday Dec. 8, 2019 attended LET THERE BE LIGHT-A Hanukkah and Christmas concert celebrating Peace, Love, and Harmony at Wilshire Boulevard Temple featuring Cantor Don Gurney and Dr. Diane White Clayton with choirs from Wilshire Boulevard Temple and Faithful Central Bible Church. The interfaith celebration was the idea of Rabbi Susan Nanus.  See pic 1 Rabbi Susan Nanus; pic 2 outside Wilshire Boulevard Temple; pic 3 inside Wilshire Boulevard Temple; pic 4 Cantor Don Gurney; pic 5 Dr. Diane White Clayton. Favorite selections included 'This Little Light of Mine' by Faithful Central Bible Church choir and 'Oseh Shalom' by Wilshire Boulevard Temple Choir and concluding joint choirs singing  'What the Worlds Needs Now'. 

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