Sunday, January 28, 2018

James Greeson: Arkansas Philharmonic will present a premiere performance of Florence Price's Violin Concerto No. 2 Feb. 17 with Dr. Er-Gene Kahng

Florence B. Price

Professor Emeritus James Greeson of Arkansas University writes of Florence B. Price:

The Arkansas Philharmonic will be presenting a premiere performance of her Second Violin Concerto on Feb. 17 featuring my colleague Dr. Er-Gene Kahng.  I think at about the same time Er-Gene's recording of both of Price's newly discovered violin concertos will be released by Albany Records.  

Here is a link to Arkansas Phil's website:

Two other Price things in February are that I've been told that the New Yorker has an article on Price written by Alex Ross due out soon, and also a musicologist here at the U. of Arkansas, Dr. Micaela Baranello, has a piece on Florence Price and Er-Gene's new recording of her concertos that will appear in the New York Times Arts & Leisure section in the Feb 11th issue.   If or when I get a link to that article I'll try to share it with you.

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Jim Greeson

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