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John Malveaux: Part 11 - LBCAA 30 year history

John Malveaux of 

Part 11-LBCAA 30 year history
The Long Beach Central Area Association sponsored a special exhibition entitled Through Our Eyes: The Young Black Men’s Photovoice Project at Houghton Park Community Center, September 18, 2010,. Through Our Eyes explores the factors affecting young black men’s transition to manhood through powerful photographs and riveting personal accounts. Digital cameras were given to a socio-economically diverse group of young black men living in Los Angeles, and they were asked to capture the elements that influence their development from boyhood to manhood.  Twelve participants, aged 16 to 26, completed all phases of the project– a three-month period of photo taking, photo sorting, discussions, and theme/sub-theme development.
The project was envisioned by a 12-member community/academic advisory board with members from various family, health, arts, neighborhood, education, and social service organizations interested in addressing premature morbidity and mortality in black men in Los Angeles. This transitional age was thought to be important because it is considered a dangerous time for young black males, yet an interventional point to promote a safe and healthy life trajectory. The photovoice process is based on health promotion principles and theory from Paulo Freire’s work on education for critical consciousness, feminist theory, empowerment education, and a community-based approach to photography. See attachment/event flyer
The predominately African American Central Area of Long Beach mirrored the debilitating social consequences of the American crack epidemic.  In 2004, the Long Beach Central Area Association sponsored the inaugural RECOVERY AWARDS to acknowledge selected individuals who had transformed their lives to become responsible citizenship, and they were sober at least two years. Sixth District Council member Laura Richardson and Congress member Alan Lowenthal provided certificates of recognition for RECOVERY AWARD recipients
LaRonda Burton was an inaugural RECOVERY AWARDS recipients. LaRonda and other recipients overseen the continuing RECOVERY AWARDS.  “Each year, 100 or more guests crowd into the community room of McBride Park to celebrate friends, relatives, and residents who have struggled and survived their addictions”.  See LaRonda next to poster of book written by her sister Susan Burton.

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