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John Malveaux: Part 10 - LBCAA 30 year history

Portraits of a People

Dr. Hansonia Caldwell

Los Angeles String Quartet

Dr. Ray Briggs

John Malveaux of 

Part 10 - LBCAA 30 year history

Carol Glover, President of Long Beach Central Area Association in 1996, recruited me to become a member primarily because of my extensive background as a talent agent and concert promoter. The biggest media covered activity of LBCAA was their role as co-producer of the City’s annual MLK Jr. Parade & Celebration. Carol Glover further recruited me to run for President in 1997. The election was very divisive and I was elected by a single vote. A significant group of longtime members including several founding members discontinued their membership. I was viewed as a candidate representing one faction in a preexisting bitter rivalryThe Long Beach Museum of Art scheduled a remarkable traveling exhibit titled PORTRAITS OF A PEOPLE: PICTURING AFRICAN AMERICANS IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY August 2 to November 25, 2006. Please see Pic 1 catalogue and

A diverse and extensive collection of African American individuals and organizations came together in financial and volunteer support for the exhibit and related events. The Long Beach Central Area Association contribution was producing three music lectures followed by three performances. Dr. Hansonia Caldwell, CSU-Dominguez Hills, lecture of September 10th covering classical music was followed by MusicUNTOLD String Quarter performance that included Afro-European Chevalier de Saint-George (1739-99) STRING QUARTER NO.1. Dr. Caldwell lecture on the Spirituals was followed by soprano Elizabeth Tatum and the MusicUNTOLD String Quartet. Dr. Ray Briggs, CSU-Long Beach, lecture on November 5 covering jazz was following by performance of Dr. Briggs CSU-Long Beach students featuring Dr, Briggs playing saxophone.
 Please see Pic 2 Dr. Hansonia Caldwell; Pic 3 Soprano Elizabeth Tatum & MusicUNTOLD String Quartet; Pic 4 Dr. Ray Briggs

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