Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mark Montgomery French: In “Theme from a Pirate Film” my composition is performed by the Awesöme Orchestra and set to the film of Douglas Fairbanks' “The Black Pearl”

Mark Montgomery French

Mark Montgomery French writes:

Hi William.

I’m Mark Montgomery French, award-winning modern composer from the Bay Area, and my solo debut EP One is Exotic, Two is a Threat., a semi-orchestral misfit song cycle, will be released 10/5 on CircusTall Recordings.

I was wondering if the AfriClassical blog would be interested in showcasing my new video “Theme from a Pirate Film”. My composition is performed by the 25-piece Awesöme Orchestra and set to the film of Douglas Fairbanks' The Black Pearl, along with behind-the-scenes footage of the recording.

As a 6-foot-9 Black dude who’d rather play Shostakovich than play basketball, I physically and culturally fit nowhere comfortably. (Even in First Class.) This song is my joyous armored defiance against the isolation, grief and paranoia of being permanently out of alignment.

See the video here: 

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